Pet beds

Ok, I think this is going to be the craziest post ever !
a few ideas for creativity for your sweethearts only 

TV (star) CAT

from  trendhunter   

from trendhunter

Thats the best idea so far especially if you have a large size dog
cause you can make is as big as you want just using more pillows

From instructables

Thats an other good idea adjustable to your pet's size
from homedit

Ok this picture isnt for pets but definitely it could work as a pet nest as well.
from homedit

this is soo cool !
from foodista
A great idea for reusing old tables
from lucydesignonline

Rustic and funny

from sunset
adding some imagination
from therealowner

Rural Extension with Africa's Poor - p.3. ReUsing Tyres

It is incredible how people adjust and transform the material close to them to their basic needs!

I think i will need one of these for my summer house, especcially in spring when I try to plant in my garden!

Or maybe  I could use the whole tyre as a plant container ...

or even better 
to  create a small playground for  the kids!

Tomato Summer !

Summer in Greece is totally amazing!
Nature and a great climate that give a great boost to every cultivation of veggies and fruits.

Tomato - The Queen of the Greek Summer!

Lots of  tomatoes and herbs, visiting friends for a glass of wine in evenings or making big family lunches on Sundays, well there is a way to combine these two in a gift !

Found a few kilos of  ripe tomatoes in a very good price 
( almost 0.50 euro/kg but i had to take 3-4 kilos )
peeled their skin 
( you know, put them in a hot water for 1 min approx. 
and then directly to cold, its so easy to peel off their skin after that!)
and cooked slightly as a tomato sause with garlic, basil, thyme, extra virgin olive oil, and a pinch of salt!
Put the sauce in a sterilised vase, 
a few drops of olive oil ( it works as a concervative )
close it and then turn it upside-down!

The rest is just imagination and love <3 !
Use whatever you have as a rapping paper
( I used a piece of a coffee sack )
ribbons, and some herbs for decoration and aroma !
et voila !

Rural Extension with Africa's Poor - p.2. ReUsing Bottles Tops

ReUsing Bottle Tops in the most exciting way!
If you drink a lot of soda or beers, keep those bottle tops, you will be amazed how creative you could be with your children making decoration for their rooms, outdoors or evern learn arithmetic!!!

Bicycle hanging decoration

So cute !
This could easily  named as 
" The most playfull learning method"
Learning colours and counting

An other way to teach the worth of recycling and arithmetics !

Rural Extension with Africa's Poor - p.1. ReUsing Plastic Bottles

About REAP
REAP was founded in 1999 by Dr. Roger Sharland. Dr Roger Sharland along with his partners are working on a project where people are trained ( among other subjects ) 
to re-use and take fully advantage of what earth and nature provides to humanity .

In REAP Sustainability has a new meaning 
because is completely combined to the sense of Respect of life.

a few words about the contributors
Dr. Roger Sharland is Director of REAP. He has an MA in Agriculture and Forest Sciences from Oxford University, UK. He also holds an MSc and PHD in Agricultural Extension from the University of Reading, UK.Roger worked in Southern Sudan for almost 12 years and another 14 years across East Africa. His experience includes working with a broad range of mainline and African Independent Churches, relating Biblical teaching to the agricultural development process.

Mrs. Rosalia Achieng Oyweka is Coordinator of the REAP Natural Medicines and Christian Women in Development (CWD) programmes. She is also a pastor in the Evangelical Christ Church of Africa (ECCA). Rosalia has worked for over 16 years in rural development and in teaching church women across East Africa. Her experience includes working with many mainline and African Independent Churches, relating Biblical teaching to improving the lives of women and their families.

Mrs. Anne Sigei is our office administrator in Nairobi. Since Roger is often in the field, Anne is a primary point of contact. Anne also does training in HIV/AIDS related issues.

hanging garden from plastic bottle

Hanging Vegetable Garden
( it could be great for some flowers as well! )

plastic bottle packagin

Plastic Bottle Packaging 
mini Tutorial
Plastic bottle for Tippy Tap

Plastic Bottles from oil
great idea to use 
as a Tippy Tap 

Redirecting water- Save Water


Redirecting Water from rainwatter gutter
in order to save and use the rainwater

Plastic Bottle for a Toy

Plastic bottle ReUsed for Toy ( my favorite !!) 

Yes, there are happy children in this planet, who dont play with "acronyms" .
Plastic Bottle for Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder
at a tourist site